Appearance Releases are a pain.

We make it less of a pain.


in the field or on set

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Never forget, lose, or even carry an appearance release again. Pull up releases and collect signatures on your iPhone or iPad.

in the office

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Stop dealing with stacks of releases and emailing to track them down. All releases are instantly organized in cloud based folders accessible from anywhere.

in post

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Stop guessing who signed which release and when while going through footage. Photos of signers can be tied with signed releases, plus use time stamped filed names.

Lose the pen and paper

Anyone on your crew can collect signatures on their iPhones and iPads.

Instant backups

Signed releases are immediately stored in the cloud & downloadable anytime from anywhere.

Use your own releases

Log in on your laptop, upload your own releases, and pick who gets access on their iPhones and iPads.

Love It

Instantly receive an emailed copy of any release before and/or after signing.

More fun to sign.

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Love It

Never forget to bring a release.

Don’t worry about losing releases.

Impress clients.

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Production Offices
Love It

Never lose a release.

Stop scanning releases.

Easily share with networks/studios.

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Love It

Auto-organized online folders for every project.

Stop sending emails trying to track down signed releases.

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bill to your production budget.

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Most users pay less than $1 for each signed release.

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Questions & Answers
Q: What if I don’t want to pay for this out of my own pocket?
A: We also don’t want you to have to pay for this software yourself. This should be a purchase you can expense to your production budget.
Q: How do I justify spending money on getting releases signed when I already do it for free?

A: This software isn’t just for collecting signatures (although that part’s really great). Even more importantly it’s also for organizing, storing, and sharing documents that you can’t afford to lose.

This system saves time, promotes professionalism, keeps you organized, increases security, and provides peace of mind to allow you to focus on the things you do best. All of that for a cost that’ll probably be the smallest line item on your budget by a large margin.

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Questions & Answers
Q: Does this work if PAs are getting releases signed?
A: Absolutely. Whether you are delegating work to PAs or a PA yourself, we made this with you in mind.
Q: I pretty much always work freelance. Should I still use this?
A: Definitely. This was designed for freelancer and staff professionals.
Q: What if I signup and I don’t like it?
A: There’s no obligation, contracts, or upfront costs. If you end up not liking this, then just don’t use it. It won’t cost you a dime.
Q: Can I use my own release forms? I have to use specific release forms.
A: You can 100% use your own releases. We understand why this is a must.
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Questions & Answers
Q: Will this change my workflow?

A: You’ll continue to do most of the things you are used to doing like collecting signatures, making sure you have a signed release from everyone, etc.

This is an intuitive software solution that was designed to make your job easier without changing the way you work.

Q: The production work I do is pretty unique, will this work for me?

A: It’s hard to say for sure without knowing more about your specific situation. We’re completely open about the fact that this isn’t going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

A great way to find out is to take advantage of our free trial. There’s no expiring time limit on the free trial so you can sign up now and start trying this out the next time you’re working on a project that might to be a good fit.

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